The 10 Most Disliked Batman Characters Ranked

The 10 Most Disliked Batman Characters, Ranked

DC fans and readers alike have their favorite Batman’s secondary characters, but most can agree on which ones they dislike the most.

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The 10 Most Disliked Batman Characters Ranked

Since debuting in 1939 within the pages of Detective Comics #27, Batman has amassed a huge roster of supporting characters and foes that make up his Bat-Family and nefarious rogues gallery. While many friends and enemies have passed through the panels of DC’s Dark Knight titles, some have been more well-received than others.

With a history as long and storied as Batman’s, there have been many defining periods of the character’s life, almost all of which have been shaped by his relationships with these many different characters. Fans and readers alike have their favorite secondary characters, but most can agree on which they dislike the most.

10 Catwoman’s Relationship With Batman Is More Frustrating Than Endearing

The 10 Most Disliked Batman Characters Ranked

While the will-they-won’t-they aspect of Batman and Catwoman’s relationship has always been an integral part of the dynamics between the two characters, actually seeing them get together did far more harm than good for the catsuit-clad anti-hero. Readers were subjected to a long-running storyline in recent Batman comics that had one of the most controversial and disliked endings of the modern era, with Catwoman abandoning Batman at the altar.

This put a bad taste in readers’ mouths, many of whom were furious at the disappointing climax. While the couple has mostly reconciled in the brilliant Batman/Catwoman title by Tom King and Ram V’s Catwoman series, it will no doubt be a long time before Bruce and Selina are shipped together again.

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9 Bane Put Batman Out Of Commission For Way Longer Than Fans Wanted

The 10 Most Disliked Batman Characters Ranked

No doubt taking inspiration from the massively successful The Death of Superman event of the same era, DC quickly took a similar tack with Batman. It introduced a powerful enemy who came along and put one of their flagship characters out of commission soon after his first appearance. Much as in Reign of the Superman, the follow-up involved another character taking up the hero’s mantle for much longer than anyone wanted.

While the character of Bane himself certainly has his fans, most readers of the day still resent him for the years of Bruce Wayne-free Batman titles that they had to endure after he was introduced.

8 Harley Quinn Has Been Overused During The Last Few Years

The 10 Most Disliked Batman Characters Ranked

While the character’s popularity cannot be denied, Harley Quinn’s overexposure within comic books, films, video games, and cartoons has made some readers tired of seeing her pop up in almost everything. Her personality is of an extremely acquired taste, with some loving her wise-cracking and others finding it grating and annoying.

The chaos and humor Harley regularly introduces in modern Batman comics is either a blessing or a curse depending on the reader’s point of view. What can be said for sure is that, she shows no signs of disappearing any time soon.

7 The Joker Has Been The Go-To Bad Guy For Far Too Long

The 10 Most Disliked Batman Characters Ranked

The Joker may well be Batman’s arch-nemesis, but his overuse in Batman media since his explosion in popularity post-The Dark Knight has become an obvious crutch that far too many writers have relied on in recent years. It seems like almost every other big event nowadays involves The Joker in some way, taking the spotlight away from other great foes.

The cache that The Joker brings to the table cannot be argued against. He brings fear and death in his wake but overusing him leaves too many other options unused. Canny readers are bound to wonder what his plethora of stories might have looked like with an underused villain in the lead role.

6 Red Hood Is A Constant Thorn In Batman’s Side

The 10 Most Disliked Batman Characters Ranked

While Jason Todd’s modern alter-ego, Red Hood, may be a highly accomplished vigilante in his own right, post-tenure as Robin, his methods and the tools that he utilizes to secure his victories are always a cause of frustration for the Dark Knight. Seemingly using guns and dispatching his foes lethally only to differentiate himself from Batman’s way of doing things, he often comes across as obstinate and childish.

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This refusal to adhere to Batman’s rules is a constant eye-roll for many readers, with some fans of the Caped Crusader thinking that Batman would be better off forgetting all about Red Hood, instead of considering him as nothing more than the dangerous murderer that he is despite their history together.

5 Talia Al Ghul Is The One That Got Away (For Good Reason)

The 10 Most Disliked Batman Characters Ranked

Batman’s ex-lover and mother to their son Damien, is a foe as deadly and deceptive as she is a constant source of pain for Bruce Wayne, and not just because of their past together. If there is one thing that Batman fans hate to see is him having his heart broken, and their shared history together puts even Bat and Catwoman’s affair to shame.

Refusing to give up her life of crime and villainous ways, Talia has torn Wayne’s family in half more times to count. With Damien caught in the middle, his childhood has been more than traumatic and has shaped him into the oftentimes abrasive character that he is today.

4 Harvey Bullock Was A Hindrance For Far Too Long

The 10 Most Disliked Batman Characters Ranked

Eventually coming round to the right way of thinking and becoming an ally to The Bat and his family of vigilantes, it took a long time to get there for the bad-tempered, oftentimes crooked police detective. While definitely not an early fan of the vigilante and his growing roster of allies, Bullock’s inability to get on side with Bats was as frustrating as it was nonsensical.

A hard-headed, stubborn man, he represented everything wrong with the Gotham P.D, and for that, he has been one of the least liked and respected characters ever seen walking the grimy, rain-drenched streets of Gotham City.

3 Azrael Was A Poor Replacement For A Well-Loved Hero

The 10 Most Disliked Batman Characters Ranked

Taking over for Bruce Wayne as Batman after his back was broken by Bane, Azrael was a much grittier, more violent, and far more ’90s version of the Dark Knight than readers were used to. This change in the status quo did not go down well with readers at the time and has gone down in history as one of the darkest times in Batman’s long history.

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While the character would eventually come into his own right after he dropped the Batman mantle, the damage was already done. The character would always be linked to the time where everybody’s favorite Gothamite was replaced by an inferior version, and nothing would ever work to truly change his perception in the public eye.

2 Damian Wayne Is The Most Annoying Of All The Robins

The 10 Most Disliked Batman Characters Ranked

First introduced by Grant Morrison during his run on Batman, Bruce and Talia’s son Damian would swiftly take on the mantle of Robin and has divided opinions ever since. Being raised by a mother and father combination such as Bruce and Talia would mess up any kid, but the obnoxious, cocky and violent Damian really pushed some fans’ buttons.

While some readers loved the juxtaposition between the values that Bruce and Talia were separately trying to instill in their son, the end result has been controversial among the fanbase. Some love him and some hate him, but no one can argue that he is an interesting inclusion into the Batman mythos.

1 Jason Todd Was So Despised As Robin That Fans Voted To Have Him Killed

Jason Todd, under the second Robin’s mantle, did not go down well with fans. He was a new, brash, and obnoxious character who replaced their beloved Dick Grayson as the iconic Boy Wonder. When the chance came to phone up DC and vote on his fate during the seminal A Death in the Family storyline, his future was sealed.

In a severe case of “be careful what you wish for,” readers were subjected to one of the most harrowing and heart-wrenching scenes in DC history, as Batman finds his dying sidekick and has to come to terms with his loss. This storyline still reverberates through DC to this day, with Todd’s mantle of Red Hood being based almost entirely upon his experiences at this time.

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